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Chase Coleman Doing Another Internet Thing

The hedge fund manager's made a lotta billions on these sorts of things before so, ain't broke/etc.
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Waiting for your check.

Remember that time Chase Coleman made $1 billion or so on a little company called Facebook? Or all of those times he made a ton more on other technology stocks he thought looked promising? Well, some people do, to the tune of $700 million.

Tiger Global Management, Chase Coleman’s investment firm that’s profited from investments in e-commerce companies before they sold shares to the public, raised about $700 million for an Internet fund.

The fund, Tiger Global Internet Opportunities, was started on Jan. 1, according to a letter sent to clients on Jan. 30. The $16 billion firm also reopened its Tiger Global Long Opportunities fund at the start of the year and has $2.3 billion.

Tiger Global Raises $700 Million for Internet Fund [Bloomberg]


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