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Fake Hedge Fund Manager’s Fake Assistant’s Fake Obituary Doesn’t Fool D.A., SEC

Did fool a bunch of investors and other interested parties, though.
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Then and now.

But it, and all of the other whoppers he proffered, did fool Bloomberg, BarclayHedge and his clients, who gave the self-dubbed “werewolf” of the hedge-fund industry more than $850,000 to spend on dating services and karaoke evenings for the lucky ladies. Which expenditures are looking pretty unfortunate right now, because Moazzam Malik—Mark to his friends—could really use the scratch right now. You know, for bail.

Over the years, several clients wanted their money back, but Malik continually put them off, including lying that he was dead, investigators said. In one email, he claimed to be Malik's associate, named Courtney.

"Mr. Malik has been [sic] passed away with the heart attack after accident. We will dissolve the fund shortly," he wrote under the name Courtney, the SEC said.

He is being held on $1 million cash bail.

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