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Firing Watch '15: Morgan Stanley Not Too Thrilled With Employee That Let Bank's Hunger Games Parody See The Light Of Day

Right now the plan is to hunt that employee down and (professionally) kill him.
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What James Gorman is going to do to you.

In related news, apparently Morgan Stanley's parody video production unit is pretty damn well funded. Charlie Gasparino reports from the scene:

Morgan Stanley has launched an internal investigation into the leaking of a parody video comparing the firm’s cost-cutting efforts in its massive brokerage department to the “Hunger Games” movies, with brokers killing each other in order to remain at the firm, FOX Business has learned. The video, which cost the nation’s largest brokerage firm about $100,000 to produce, according to insiders, and featured Morgan Stanley brokerage executives, was slated to be shown at the firm’s 2014 branch manager meeting, where executives who run the firm's various wealth management branches from across the country meet annually. But the video was never shown because wealth management chief Greg Fleming believed it was in poor taste since the firm was undergoing a major round of cost cutting, people tell FOX Business “Fleming basically felt that that the parody was like bad porn so he killed it,” one firm executive said.

Morgan Stanley Probes Leak of 'Hunger Games' Parody of the Firm [FBN]


Layoffs Watch '15: Morgan Stanley

Cuts have begun across the pond.

Layoffs Watch '12: Morgan Stanley

The House of Gorman is said to be in the process of letting some employees down easy. Morgan Stanley will this week complete a round of job cuts that will ultimately lead to the company shedding 100 sales and trading staff, underscoring what is expected to prove a dismal second quarter for Wall Street banks. The cuts are across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, according to people familiar with the New York-based bank’s plans. The bank has so far laid off about two-thirds of its original 100-person target, leaving some 33 people to go this week. Morgan Stanle Said To Shed Staff As Deals Fall [FT]