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Franc Surge Forces Swiss To Impose Pizza Delivery Blockade

This is an actual thing that's happening.
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Economic menace.

The Swiss National Bank’s decision to scrap its euro-franc exchange cap last month hasn’t exactly been a boon for the little country that could. Sure, the Italians who work north of the border have gotten an effective 40% raise, but they’re concerned it might bump them up into a higher tax bracket, or lead their Swiss bosses to demand a cut. It allows Swiss who live driving distance from the German border to stock up on cheap groceries and dental work, but it also makes the Germans sad and angry, and bad things happen to you when you make the Germans sad and angry.

But most of all, it means that the Swiss border patrol has been forced to act to stop the deluge of German pizzas—that’s right, German, not Italian, pizza—from pouring across the border, threatening the livelihood of every Swiss dough-thrower within delivering distance of Lake Constance.

Swiss diners living near the German border ordered so many pizzas from Constance restaurants that German vans sometimes crossed the border carrying as many as 60 pies. Swiss customs officials finally began stopping the vans, said Constance Mayor Uli Burchardt, forcing Swiss customers to go to the border to get their pizzas.

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