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Greek Prime Minister Cheered/Vilified For Stirring Victory/Humbling Capitulation

Everything is going exactly according to plan.
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How's that hopey thing goin' for ya?

So Greece’s new leader has proven less bomb-throwing Leninist than more cannon-fodder for German imperialism negotiation, choosing a somewhat humiliating come-down over economic ruin for his country over the next few weeks. And his constituents don’t seem to care.

“The policy retreats have already been prepared; the ground has already been prepared,” said Ilias Nikolakopoulos, a political scientist at Athens University. “A flip-flop on the loan deal will generate some disappointment, but not enough to endanger the overall popular standing of the government.”

For now, that popularity seems to be unassailable. A fresh poll published Sunday in the small, pro-government Avgi newspaper shows eight out of 10 Greeks approve of the government’s handling of the negotiations. Other recent polls, including some conducted by more independently aligned newspapers, show similar support.

Or do they?

Victory or not, the deal agreed to Friday has immediately put Mr. Tsipras in a tight corner at home, where pressure has mounted on him to pare back his government’s austerity program, despite pressure from Brussels….

Manolis Glezos, a veteran Greek leftist, denounced backtracking by Syriza and suggested that the party’s leadership had deceived voters by bending to demands by Brussels and by agreeing to prolong the previous program.

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