HSBC Chief Can't Believe The Unreasonably High "Standard" Banks Are Held To These Days

The CEO-- whose bank is in a lot of trouble for tax evasion-- is sick of always having to be so perfect, when other industries are allowed to do exactly as they please with zero accountability. And you want to know another thing? He's not going to promise the tax evasion stuff won't happen again.

From 2005 to 2007, HSBC did some very bad, very fraudulent things, which were made public earlier this month. Because he apologized on behalf of the firm a handful of times since then, chief executive Stuart Gulliver thought it appropriate today to raise a related question: why the hell won't regulators and politicians and the public get off the banking industry's back? Everyone else gets a free pass but noooo, banks always have to do with legal, moral thing, which, y'know, they always do.

HSBC’s chief executive has complained that bankers are being held to a higher standard than bishops as the UK government promised a legal crackdown on banks that facilitate tax evasion...“It seems to me that we are holding large corporations to higher standards than the military, the church or civil service,” said Mr Gulliver. “Can I know what every one of 257,000 people is doing? Clearly I can’t. If you want to ask the question could it ever happen again — that is not reasonable.”

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