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Is Steve Cohen Coming To A Big Screen Near You?

Probably not, but he is about to become a California boy.
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As previously mentioned, Steve Cohen is ready to manage money again. Winter of 2017 sounds about right to him. Of course, to get there, he’s going to need the OK from the SEC, but if this doesn't happen, he appears to have another plan, and it may or may not involve giving acting a shot.

The famously lavish-living multibillionaire — his personal fortune is estimated at more than 10 billion bucks — is all set to acquire a freshly finished and aggressively contemporary spec-built mansion in Beverly Hills listed at $35 million….

Digital marketing materials show the newly built and very modern mansion, completely clad in Italian porcelain slabs and close enough to the illustrious Beverly Hills Hotel that Mister Cohen and/or his house guests could quickly and easily pop over to the Polo Lounge for a $38 Kobe beef burger — measures in at 12,664 square feet with nine bedrooms and an unlucky 13 toilets spread throughout 11 full and two half bathrooms.

Your Mama Hears… Billionaire Steven Cohen About to Buy in BevHills [Variety Real Estalker blog]
Steven Cohen in Deal to Buy Beverly Hills Estate Listed for $35 Million [Bloomberg]


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