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Ken Griffin: Estranged Wife Has Totally Mischaracterized Time I Destroyed A Piece Of Furniture During A Fight; It Was Hilarious And We Both Had A Good Laugh About It

The hedge fund manager can't believe he's being forced to defend what was easily one of the Top Five funniest moments of his marriage.
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As those of you who keep up with Real Housewives: Hedge Fund edition know, Ken Griffin and his bride, Anne Dias Griffin, are getting divorced. As tends to be the case when marriages dissolve, particularly when there are billions of dollars and half a dozen plus properties at stake, there's been a lot of he said/she said, fuck you/no fuck you thus far. For instance, Anne has said that Ken used underhanded, sneaky tactics to get her to sign their pre-nuptial agreement and Ken has said Anne is a money-grubbing shrew. Also up for debate is one of the anecdotes Anne and her lawyers have used in court papers to paint a picture of the Citadel manager as a guy who makes the Sleeping With The Enemy husband look desirable. Whereas ADG has described the time KG broke a piece of furniture during a heated argument as terrifying, Ken would like to reminder her that it was actually wildly funny and a great example of his on-point comedic timing.

During their argument, the documents say, Ken Griffin “inadvertently removed a bedpost from the bed, which resulted in a moment of levity ending the argument.” After putting back the bedpost, the filing continues, the two “slept in the very same bed together that night and for years thereafter.” Dias Griffin's attorneys have described the incident in more acrimonious terms, saying in previous filings that Ken Griffin “became angry and violent, and intimidated her by pulling one of the bed posts off its socket in their bedroom and throwing it violently down towards her.” Ken Griffin's attorneys called her allegations “completely false and intended to tarnish Ken's reputation.”

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