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Lehman Brothers Will Be Making Money Until At Least 2018

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Or so the formerly bankrupt former bank’s trustee, who has collected more than $90 billion for Lehman creditors over the past six years and in so doing confirmed all of Dick Fuld’s suspicions that he got royally screwed, hopes.

The team unwinding Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. boosted its estimate of how much cash it expects to bring in for creditors to $90.6 billion, buoyed primarily by a settlement with Lehman Brothers Bankhaus A.G., the German arm of Lehman’s investment-banking operation….

Although Lehman is out of bankruptcy protection, its case is far from over and will likely continue for years as a bankruptcy team continues to liquidate Lehman’s assets. Lehman said the wind-down of the business “may extend beyond 2018.”

Lehman Brothers Raises Estimate of Cash for Creditors to $90.6 Billion [WSJ]

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