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Lloyd Blankfein Not Losing Sleep Over The Possibility Of Jamie Dimon Hacking Goldman Sachs

Which seems reasonable.
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To that end, no one at Citi is too worried about Barclays infiltrating its systems and top brass at Wells Fargo are likely not spending too much time planning for a breach carried out by RBC. Brian Moynihan, however, does live in fear of someone at Goldman hacking into his email and changing his signature from "Chief Executive Officer" to "JoJo, the Idiot Circus Boy."

A report released on Tuesday by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the industry’s self-regulatory organization, said a survey of about 20 brokerage firms found the threat of an online attack by nation or a terrorist group ranked near the bottom of the industry’s concerns. Concerns about state-sponsored attacks were highest at big investment banks. But few of the largest firms surveyed by Finra put such attacks at the top of their list. All the firms said they had little concerned about a hack carried out by a competitor.

Brokerage Firms Most Worried About Hackers and Rogue Employees, Finra Report Says [Dealbook]