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Lynn Tilton Might Be In Trouble With The SEC

Bad Tilton! Bad!
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If she pulls those outfits out of archives and promises to crack the whip on herself a few times, perhaps the Commission will call it even?

Lynn Tilton and her private-equity firm Patriarch Partners are facing potential enforcement action from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over its management of three pools of risky corporate loans. Patriarch sent a letter to investors in the collateralized loan obligations it created, saying the SEC’s staff made a preliminary decision to recommend an action against Tilton and her New York-based firm, according to a copy of the document obtained Friday by Bloomberg News. The firm said in the letter that it hired an investment banker to begin talks with investors about restructuring the CLOs. The SEC is accusing the firm of giving investors improper financial statements for the CLOs, in part because it misstates the fair value of the underlying loans, according to the letter. Patriarch said in the letter that it disagrees with the SEC’s position and has “employed what it believes to be a conservative methodology” for valuing its loans because it recognizes neither gains nor losses.

‘Diva of Distressed’ Tilton Is Facing SEC Action [Bloomberg]

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How Would Lynn Tilton Punish Lynn Tilton?

Banning jello-shots from the conference room would certainly be an effective deterrent against fraud.

Lynn Tilton Not Taking SEC Charges Lying Down

The Matriarch of Patriarch told the SEC to go f*ck itself-- via lawsuit-- today.

Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Lynn Tilton Gets Calendar Reminder To Sue The SEC Again

It's important to set these things up or your might forget.

Whatever Doesn't Kill A Lynn Tilton Makes Her Stronger: Lynn Tilton

One day soon, probably when she's shooting a follow-up to her 1988 holiday card to clients seen at left, we'll think back on this setback and laugh.

Lynn Tilton Loses Latest SEC Battle, Is "Reviewing Options" Re: Winning War

Whatever doesn't kill a Lynn Tilton makes her stronger.

Lynn Tilton Taking It From Both Sides

The Patriarch Partners founder is now dealing with allegations of fraud from investors, in addition to those by the Securities and Exchange Commission.