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Making Lots Of Money, Being Able To Boss People Around Better Than Less Money, No People To Boss Around: Survey

Crazy but true.
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Feet on the table also > no feet on the table.

Reader poll time: would you agree with the following statements?

In your professional life:

  • Being able to tell people to get the hell out of your office > not being able to tell people to get the hell out of your office?
  • Having your own executive washroom > not having your own executive washroom?
  • Making 10x the amount of money as all your employees combined > not making 10x the amount of money as all your employees combined

If you said yes to all of the above then congratulations! Your thinking is in line with that of 12,000 business school grads who were given a survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, which included this groundbreaking data point:

The most common route to professional happiness seems to be professional title-climbing. Business school alums become increasingly likely to say they are professionally satisfied as they acquire more senior roles—though people at the executive level are no less happy than those one rung higher. Ninety-three percent of people with a "chief" in front of their title are happy, compared to just 66 percent of entry-level workers.

Five Things We Never Knew About Business School Grads [Bloomberg]


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