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Paul Singer Feeling Philosophical About Argentina

"Maybe this is the year that our Argentina situation gets resolved, and maybe it is not."
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It’s been six months and nine days since Elliott Management won itself a second Argentine default in 13 years. And it’s been about six weeks since the clause believed to be preventing Argentina from cutting a deal expired, with absolutely zero movement whatever towards that deal. Oh yea, and Argentina’s president appears to be having some kind of a mental breakdown to mark her final year in office, which may end with her in prison. So, to be perfectly honest, Paul Singer’s not really sure how this whole thing is gonna play out.

Paul Singer, the founder of hedge fund Elliott Management, and one of the lead holdout creditors, told his investors in a letter dated Jan. 30 that the firm remains vigilant in its pursuit of a potentially huge windfall investment in unrestructured Argentine sovereign bonds.

"Maybe this is the year that our Argentina situation gets resolved, and maybe it is not," Singer said in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters.

Argentina bondholders play old waiting game in new year [Reuters]


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