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Pimco Either Had An Ass Rippingly Bad Month For Outflows Or A Relatively Good One, Depending On How You Look At It

It's all a matter of perspective. (In related news, somewhere in Newport Beach, Bill Gross has himself a good cackle.)
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On the one hand, $11.6 billion is a nice chunk of cheddar. On the other, it's a lot less cheddar than $19.4 and that's...something?

The abrupt departure of Bill Gross continues to haunt Pimco as the giant bond management firm on Tuesday disclosed that investors in January yanked $11.6 billion from the flagship fund that Gross previously oversaw. While the cash withdrawal from the Pimco Total Return Fund is a notable reduction from December's net outflows of $19.4 billion, outflows have been increasingly rising since Gross' exit on Sept. 26.

Investors pull $11.6 bln from Pimco Total Return Fund in January [Reuters]


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Pimco: Bill Gross Can't Hurt Us Anymore

The firm claims to have picked up the pieces and moved on with its life, following the departure of Bill "I'm like Secretariat out there" Gross.

PIMCO, via Wikimedia Commons

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