‘RSH’ Ticker Symbol Soon To Be Available

Get it while you still can! Also, y'know, RIP Radio Shack.

If you’d like to take one last nostalgic walk through the aisles of a RadioShack, maybe pick up a new tape deck or some speaker wire, you might want to do so soon. For now that the struggling retailer has entered stock-market oblivion, those items are set to join its shares in the realm of the unbuyable.

But hope of a turnaround is dissipating for the nearly century-old Texas company as the New York Stock Exchange seeks to delist it after suspending trade of its shares on Monday.

Now, store managers are being told to ship big-ticket items to more profitable locations while RadioShack keeps closing stores. Half a dozen store managers told The Associated Press they were instructed not to talk about the company's dire financial straits.

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