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Ex-SAC Speed Racer Humbled By Wake Up Call, Now Accepting Outside Money

He's turning his life around and he wants you to turn with him.
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Remember Paul Orwicz? Former SAC Capital/Point72 portfolio manager who left the firm shortly after he got in some hot water with the New Canaan police, for various moving violations and speeding away rather than coming to a complete stop when a cop tried to pull him over? He chatted with a local paper this week about most of the charges against him being dropped (and paying a fine for the one that was not). He also used the opportunity to mention that he may or may not be starting a hedge fund of his own, at which you'll obviously want to get in at the ground floor.

Orwicz resigned from his job at Cohen’s company, formerly called SAC Capital Advisers LP, and now named Point72 Asset Management LP, shortly after the incident, but for unrelated reasons. “I’m doing my own investing now, and I’m pretty actively engaged in finding a new opportunity,” he said. “I’m also exploring restarting my own fund.”

Most Charges Dropped in Driving Case Against New Canaan Hedge Fund Manager [Patch]

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