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Sergey Aleynikov Would Like Compensation For Having His Life Ruined

Which seems, y'know, reasonable.
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Pay. Up.

The former Goldman Sachs programmer and former person convicted of the former federal crime of crossing Goldman Sachs is no doubt working hard to ensure that his next trial, beginning April 1, doesn’t end up like his last one—with him in jail for allegedly stealing the bank’s high-frequency trading code. But even with such vital matters at stake, it’s never too early to begin seeking revenge against those who have wronged you, in this case Goldman Sachs and its Federal Bureau of Investigation subsidiary. And since he’s not likely to work in this town again, perhaps they could make it so he never has to work again, period.

His lawsuit contends the FBI agents engaged in a "malicious" federal prosecution and violated constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure. Aleynikov was convicted at trial but later won an appeal.

The lawsuit said the agents further violated his rights by retaining and transferring evidence seized during his arrest to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, whose office brought the pending state court charges after Aleynikov won the federal appeal….

The lawsuit against the FBI agents came two days after Aleynikov sued Goldman Sachs to advance his legal fees to defend against its civil claims against him.

Goldman ex-programmer sues FBI agents, claims rights violations [Reuters]


Sergey Aleynikov Is Dancing Again

One thing that I may have mentioned here is that, before I was lured to the blogging industry by the outrageous lucre on offer, I worked at this little establishment called Goldman Sachs. One thing that I probably haven't told you, but that I've mentioned to a few friends and co-workers, is that due to some frankly inexplicable confusion, the time between my telling people "I am leaving to go work for Dealbreaker" and my being escorted out of the building by active-duty Navy SEALS was somewhat longer than you might expect (viz. several nanoseconds). One thing that I've never told anybody, so let's keep it between us, is that I made good use of the delay to download certain files to a flash drive. I won't discuss all the details, since I'm using some of those files to set up my own high-frequency insider trading fund, but I will mention that with the right codes the voice recorders in the GS elevators can be accessed remotely.* One reason I never told anyone about this before is that Goldman takes it badly when people take stuff with them on the way out, and has a tendency to react by having them imprisoned for the better part of a decade. After today, though, it looks like I'm good to go: