Somewhere On West 57th Street, A Billionaire Is Laughing

His name is Paul and today, the day President Cristina Kirchner has been charged with doing a very bad thing, is the greatest day of his life.

Barely containing himself.

Cackling, really. Rolling around on the floor with delight and tears of joy streaming down his face. For Paul Singer’s long weekend has gotten off to a hell of a start.

A federal prosecutor in Argentina on Friday requested that formal charges be brought against President Cristina Kirchner and others for allegedly plotting with Iran to obstruct an investigation into the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 85 people.

Prosecutor Seeks to Charge Argentine President With Obstructing Probe [WSJ]
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Paul Singer Can’t Wait To Write Next Investor Letter

Short of having his arch-nemesis—Argentine President Cristina Kirchner—show up at his apartment on her knees in a sackcloth, carrying a letter of resignation and certified check for $1.7 billion, this week could hardly have gone better for Elliott Management’s Paul Singer, thanks to El Presidente.