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Wait, Do Investment Banking Clients Not Like Being Referred To As "Nutcase[s]"?

If so, this is news to Credit Suisse.
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A banker who worked at Credit Suisse Group AG referred to a client whom the bank was advising on the sale of a stake in an oil field as a “nutcase,” according to a London judge’s ruling in a lawsuit that the bank won. The comment was made about Georgian diplomat-turned-oil-trader Zaur Leshkasheli by Nathan Burkey, who worked for Credit Suisse until 2008, according to U.K. High Court Judge Peter Smith’s ruling in the case on Friday. Another Credit Suisse banker, Peter Firmin, called a consultant advising Leshkasheli, Joel Steinhart of Granite Management Ltd., a “muppet” in 2007, according to Smith’s ruling. “The bank’s attitude to Dr L does not reflect well on to the bank,” Smith wrote in his ruling. “The bank’s attitude to people did not stop of course with Dr L.,” he said. “Mr. Firmin wrote to Mr. Mahoney on 15th August 2007 describing Mr. Steinhart as a ‘muppet.’” [...] “Credit Suisse has no tolerance for this sort of language and notes for the record that the alleged statements were made in 2007 by former employees,” the company said in an e-mailed statement. [Bloomberg]


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