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Wall Street Intern Turned Adult Entertainment Star Offers Career Advice

Plus! The backstory to her career, for which she has her boyfriend to thank.
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Thinking about ditching your spread sheets to spread eagle on camera? Fantasizing about interrupting your mid-year performance review to announce that you're ditching the shackles of the corporate world for the freedom of the porn industry? It's a thought surely on many a financial services employees' mind. But before you make the jump, Veronica Vain--the former Lazard intern turned erotic arts performer-- has some newfound wisdom to share. But first! A little info on the genesis of her career.

Prior to asset management, she dabbled in stripping and sugar daddy dating: "I was great at stripping. I loved to perform, I was impressively athletic on the pole, and I was conversational and charming and humorous. All of that combined with my oozing sexuality led to me usually being one of the top earners at the clubs in which I worked...I transferred to Fordham University thinking closer proximity to the industry and more time with which to take advantage would make me more competitive. I spent two years there first stripping, and then later deciding that if I wanted to be serious about my career, I probably should avoid having potential employers see me naked on a pole. So I reentered the sugar dating scene, which was the most perfect thing I could have done at that stage."

She refused to take handouts: "I wasn’t particularly interested in having a boyfriend and NYC is a haven for rich, interesting, sexually frustrated men. Many of these men offered to help me with interviews or even jobs — but I largely refused them out of principle."

She ended up winning an internship on the Street, only to feel utterly unfulfilled by it all: "I landed the internship I had at a top Wall Street firm by pure initiative — I reached out to the group that hired me over LinkedIn and passed six rounds of interviews to land the offer. Eight months later, they wanted me to stay on full time after graduation. I, however, had become disillusioned with what “normal future” I thought I had been pursuing since I first graduated high school. Sometime around October 2014, I started exploring options where I could combine interests I was passionate about with business, since I had this shiny new finance degree asserting my ability to read an income statement and calculate discounted cash flows."

Then one night, her boyfriend suggested she get into porn: "For me, this meant searching for industries in which I could work that may be more creative and less conservative than the finance industry. I knew I liked fitness, video games, art, and sex. I stumbled into researching the porn industry as an offshoot of my regular porn-watching habits, and due to a particularly intense sex session with my boyfriend who afterwards asked breathlessly, 'Babe, why have you never thought of trying porn? You’d be an amazing porn star!'"

And the rest is history. Feeling inspired to follow Vain down such a path? First, you need make sure you can answer in the affirmative to the questions: 1. Do I have a libido that just won't quit? and 2. Am I a genius?

I know this is the right path for me: I have the brains, sexuality, passion, confidence, and personality to be successful if I play my cards right. Still, I hope I do not become some sort of inspiration to women to follow in my footsteps unless they, too, struggle with an immense libido and above average interest in sexuality combined with common sense and intelligence.

I am the Wall Street Porn Star, and This is My Untold Story [XOJane]


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