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Wells Fargo Employees Way Less Cranky Than They Were In 2010

Whether this is due to complimentary stage coach rides or not is unclear.
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In the last two years, Wells Fargo has added questions to its annual employee survey to understand whether employees refer the bank’s products to friends and family, trying to decipher their confidence in the firm, said Pat Callahan, the bank’s chief administrative officer. The bank also measures employee satisfaction through what CEO John Stumpf calls a “happy to grumpy ratio.” The idea, executives say, is that happy employees, defined as ones who say they are satisfied, are more likely to act ethically. Wells Fargo says the ratio clocked in at 8:1 in 2014, versus 7:1 in 2013 and 3.8:1 in 2010. [WSJ]


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Nuns Are Pissed At Wells Fargo

You've done it now, Stumpf.