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Who Wouldn’t Want Hip-Hop Dancers Busting Moves While Teppenyaki Burgers Fly Through The Air Between Them?

Mean old hedge funds who know nothing about the art of iron griddle group dining, for one.
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A real thing.

That’s what Benihana founder Rocky Aoki’s (third) wife wants to know! And since the answer is obviously no one, the wicked hedge fund that bought most of his business must simply be using the Beni Girls as a way to drive her from her rightful place running the 20 Benihanas in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Honolulu that the Aoki family still owns (and that she gets to play with until Rocky's children turn 45, pending other litigation).

In a lawsuit filed last month, Keiko Aoki, CEO of Benihana of Tokyo, said New York investment firm Angelo Gordon, which boasts $25 billion in assets, is messing with her business in a ploy to control the restaurant empire…..

That fight centers on whether Aoki violated her licensing agreement with the larger company by selling hamburgers without permission, as well as her decision to use hip-hop dancers, dubbed the "Beni Girls," to promote the eatery.

Benihana widow says hedge fund pushing her to sell [USAToday]


This is fun.

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