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You Haven't Seen The Last Of Adriana Ferreyr!

The judicial system is no impediment for George Soros's on-again, off-again non-exclusive ex-girlfriend!
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Did Ferreyr get her $50 million lawsuit against her on-again, off-again non-exclusive boyfriend over broken promises re: dream apartments thrown out yesterday? Yes. Was it thrown out because Ferreyr followed up a deposition last year in which she:

  • Stormed the room with a cameraman
  • Screamed "expletives" at Soros's lawyer
  • Hit Soros in the head so hard she knocked out his hearing aid and the glasses off his face
  • Slapped a Soros aid and then kicked him in the shins
  • Told Soros’s other lawyer that he was “going down” and “should go to prison and get beat up”

...with a similar performance that the judge was having none of? Yes, yes she did.

In a dramatic outburst, fiery soap-opera actress Adriana Ferreyr lunged at her ex-boyfriend’s lawyer during a Manhattan court hearing and angrily snatched away legal papers while yelling. “She grabbed the whole folder from Andrew very aggressively,” said a witness of lawyer Andrew Brettler, who said that Ferreyr grabbed the sleeve of his suit during the fracas. The tirade — which was only the latest wild fit thrown by Ferreyr — was the last straw for Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Debra James. “The judge said, ‘That’s it. Case dismissed. Your behavior is contemptuous,” said a source. Ferreyr had been representing herself in the suit, which she filed in 2011, claiming that Soros had roughed her up and given a $2 million apartment he promised her to his ex-wife. Shortly before the alleged outburst, the judge had convinced Ferreyr to get over a major sticking point in the case by signing medical release forms related to injuries she allegedly sustained from Soros. But at the last minute Ferreyr changed her mind and reached over to the defense table to snatch the paperwork back. “She got angry,” the source said. “At one point she blurted out, ‘They’re going to get the information and reveal it to the press to embarrass me.”

And while maybe the dismissal and admonishment would be enough for a lesser woman to say, "You know what? I think I'm done," a lesser woman Adriana Ferryr is not. She's been fighting for her "dream apartment" on East 85th Street since 2011 and her dream apartment she shall get!

Ferreyr pledged Thursday to hire a new attorney and refile the case.

George Soros’ ex goes berserk in court, has $50M suit tossed [NYP]

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If you were to have told me in August 2011 that a story about George Soros's love life involving women 60 years his junior, "on again, off again non-exclusive relationships," dream apartments, broken promises, and broken lamps would still be unfolding 19 months later and getting better at each turn I would have told you to check yourself. And yet it has! With an amazing update that involves George Soros allegedly being assaulted with the light fixture he allegedly assaulted his non-exclusive girlfriend with and an official reminder that George Soros has had sex with more women by 9AM than most people have in their entire lives.

May 3: Soros Wakes Up To Find Horse's Head In His Bed?

2005-2010: George Soros has a relationship of debatable seriousness depending on who you ask with a woman named Adriana Ferreyr. (According to Ferreyr, it was a "serious and meaningful relationship," while according to Soros, things were “on-again, off-again and non-exclusive.") Ferrreyr is promised her "dream apartment" on East 85th Street. Summer 2010: Several days after the contract on the apartment is signed, Soros "heartlessly dumps" Ferreyr, which means no dream apartment for her. Approximately a week later: The duo "briefly reconcile for a romantic night together." A few hours later: Soros "whispers in Ferreyr's ear" that another woman, Tamikoa Bolton, is living in her apartment. Ferreyr expresses strong displeasure at this fact. Soros supposedly slaps Ferreyr across the face and attempts "to strike her with a glass lamp, narrowly missing." August 2011: Ferreyr demands $50 million for broken promises re: dream apartments, makes allegations re: lamps. Later in August 2011: Soros strongly denies accusations, refuses to pony up squat. February 2012: Ferryr refuses to settle for $250,000, court date is set for early May April 30, 2012: OH NO, HE DI'INT: Billionaire George Soros made a rare public appearance with his younger girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton, hours before a court date with his ex, Adriana Ferreyr. Soros, 81, and Bolton, 39, were photographed together at a Paley Center screening of “The Intouchables” Monday night, marking the first time they’ve stepped out in public as a couple. Bolton resides in the $1.9 million apartment which Ferreyr says Soros promised her, and which she’s suing over. Soros and Bolton’s sudden public appearance, meantime, seemed like a statement (or a show of unity) the night before a hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court. May 1, 2012: [Guessing] Bolton shows up to the courthouse with Soros sipping coffee out of china from the apartment and wiping her hands on the monogrammed towels ("AF & GS") that mistakenly delivered the week after she moved in. May 3, 2012: ??? Soros And Gal Pal Step Out [NYP]

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