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American Apparel Spent More Than Half Of Its Remaining Cash—And Then Some—To Get Rid Of Dov Charney

How do you get rid of a problem like Dov Charney?
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American Apparel lost $27.6 million last year. More than one-third of that went towards making you-know-who go away forever.

Cash-strapped American Apparel spent $10.4 million on the internal investigation it conducted before firing its CEO Dov Charney last year, according to a company filing.

That's a lot of money for a company that reported a $27.6 million loss and ended 2014 with only $8.3 million in cash.

Charney probe cost American Apparel $10 million [CNN Money]


Dov Charney’s Last-Ditch Plan To Save American Apparel For Himself Hits Snag

Whatever doesn't kill a Dov Charney makes him stronger.

Dov Charney Still Doing His Thing

His thing being stuff like "Trespassing on company property and threatening employees who do not support his return by taking their photos and promising to fire them once he returns."