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Bonus Watch '15: UBS CEOs

Legal charges shmegal charges.

This year's bonus season wasn't bad for everyone, particularly those with whatever is German for "chief executive officer" on their email signature.

Sergio P. Ermotti, the UBS chief executive, saw his compensation increase nearly 5 percent in 2014, despite the Swiss bank’s financial performance for the year being “tempered” by legal and regulatory charges, the lender said on Friday...Mr. Ermotti received total compensation of 11.2 million francs for 2014, up from 10.7 million francs in the prior year.

Obviously this is news worth celebrating, if someone can catch an early flight to NYC tomorrow.

UBS Chief Executive’s Pay Rose Nearly 5% in 2014 [Dealbook]


Bonus Watch '13: UBS

Not everyone received a package that resulted in a nice long cry. Andrea Orcel, for example, did pretty okay for himself.

Bonus Watch '13: UBS

...employees will get their bonus numbers when management feels like giving them their bonus numbers!