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Bonus Watch '15: Wall Street Basically Living Paycheck To Paycheck Now

In an unimaginable nightmare from which no one can wake, bonuses grew a mere 2% last year.
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Many will be forced to take second and third jobs just to put food on the table. Others will be forced to become sex workers by night. All will be forced to ask themselves, "What's become of my life?" and "How did I get here?"

Wall Street bonuses just aren’t what they used to be. As the industry’s profits declined, the average bonus for Wall Street employees grew just 2 percent in 2014, to $172,860, according to a report on Wednesday by Thomas P. DiNapoli, the New York State comptroller. Although still large by many standards, these bonuses grew far more slowly than in the previous two years.

Wall Street Bonuses Rose Just 2% Last Year [Dealbook]


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