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Bridgewater’s Principled Robots Nothing To Fear, Says Bridgewater

Everybody relax. It's business as usual at the truthiest hedge fund in America.
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Ray Dalio doesn’t want you thinking that he’s building the sort of artificial intelligence designed to take over the world and enslave the human race, or, worse, the kind of rote data-mining AI that other, less-principled organizations might have in mind. The wizard of Westport is just doing the same kind of thing he’s always done. Now just take the goddamned blue pill already.

Ever since 1983 Bridgewater Associates has been creating systematic decision-making processes that are computerized. We believe that the same things happen over and over again because of logical cause/effect relationships, and that by writing one’s principles down and then computerizing them one can have the computer make high-quality decisions in much the same way a GPS can be an effective guide to decision making.

Like using a GPS, one can choose to follow the guidance or not follow it depending on how it reconciles. It is through this never ending reconciliation process that the computer decision-making system constantly learns, and the learning compounds over time….

It would be a mistake to think that this is a new undertaking for Bridgewater or that the process being used at Bridgewater is like some artificial intelligence systems that are based on data-mining rather than well-examined logic.

Bridgewater Clarifies Its Artificial Intelligence Strategy [ValueWalk]


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