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Carl Icahn Still Apple’s #1 Fan

If Apple doesn't hit $216/share, his name isn't Carl "King of the Queens Schoolyard" Icahn
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What comes after a trillion?

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White is going out on a limb to say an AAPL share will fetch $180 one day, which would make it the first-ever trillion-dollar company. But he’s going to have an even bigger leap to catch up with Tim Cook’s BFF.

The rest of Wall Street’s analyst community has price targets on Apple that range from $65 to $165, according to FactSet. That said, Mr. White still trails Apple investor and sometime agitator Carl Icahn, who recently outlined why he thinks the company can hit $216 per share.

Will Apple Be The First Trillion-Dollar Company? Cantor Fitzgerald Says Yes. [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


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