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Defunct Hedge Fund Would Have Liked To Know Its CFO Was Under Indictment

Is that the sort of thing you're supposed to mention in an interview? If so, nobody told Tetsuya Motomura.
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I mean, technically, still "no".

And since Omae Capital Management couldn’t be expected to pony up the $10 for an online criminal background check, it would have liked Tetsuya Motomura to tell them that he faced U.S. charges for Libor-rigging himself. But he didn’t, and Omae went under, so now Omae would like S$3.75 million from Motomura for its troubles.

Omae Capital Management Pte is seeking S$3.75 million ($2.7 million) from Motomura, who told the firm about six months after it started operations that he had been charged in the U.S., according to a lawsuit filed in October….

Motomura resigned from Omae Capital after being charged in January 2014 and the firm said it was forced to close as a result of his misrepresentation.

Ex-Rabobank Trader Sued in Singapore Over Libor Rigging Claims [Bloomberg]


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