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Destroying Greece, Co-Managing Secret World Government Takes Its Toll

The ECB's staff is tired.
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As far as you're concerned, this is the whole building.

Sure, it’s exhilarating, manipulating the lives of all of the little ants across the globe they can see from the top of their new 700,000-foot-tall tower in Frankfurt (the top 699,393 feet are invisible to the human eye). But it’s also exhausting and sometimes a little soul-crushing (running the world, not fucking with the Greeks—that’s just recreation). At the very least, they should be afforded the manpower to handle such awesome responsibilities, according to the International Union of Illuminati, Freemasons and Trilateral Commission Members (abbreviated “IPSO” for obvious reasons of secrecy).

In a letter to the 19 national central bank governors on the ECB’s Governing Council and seen by The Wall Street Journal, the IPSO union claims that nearly one-third of the central bank’s staff is “at risk of burnout….” The letter said that the ECB hadn’t adequately staffed its new role as the eurozone’s banking supervisor, which is leading to a steady stream of frustration from both bank employees and managers. The union “denounce[s] with the utmost vigor, the situation of serious understaffing and excessive work pressure within the [ECB bank supervisor]; a situation that results in a constant flow of complaints from staff and management alike.”

Nearly a Third of ECB Staff at Risk of Burnout, Union Says [WSJ]


Maybe Germany Should Think About Quitting The EU, Too

The Germans have had it UP TO HERE with ECB policies.

By Kiefer. from Frankfurt, Germany (Europäische Zentralbank / European Central Bank) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Germany, German Instrument Of Regional Dominance Having A Slight Disagreement

If the Germans want to put the brakes on the ECB, they’ll have to use EU courts, sayeth the latter.


Rest Of World Still Waiting For British Government To Come To Its Senses

Until then, just keep delivering moving boxes to the City.

In The Future, You’ll Have To Wait A Few More Minutes To Read Things ECB Leaders Have To Say

It’s apparently getting too hard for the ECB’s press office to figure out who is a real reporter and who is just a “blogger” who’s maybe thinking of doing some insider trading.