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Deutsche Bank (Subsidiary) Employee Are On Strike

And they're going to stay on strike until they get 5% raises and job guarantees through 2010.
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Like their counterparts in the rest of Europe and around the world, Deutsche Bank’s CEOs have all manner of legal and regulatory unpleasantness to deal with. But they also have employees of their least-profitable business strikingin advance of negotiations to make clear they’re serious about having the status quo guaranteed for the next five years, with a 5% raise thrown in for good measure.

Germany’s powerful Verdi trade union, which represents roughly 12,200 of Postbank’s 14,900 workers and is demanding job guaranties to 2020 and a 5% wage raise, said the strikes justified by reports that “create uncertainty and the fear of job losses among employees.” Verdi said Deutsche Bank should have reassured employees.

Deutsche Bank Adds Strikes to List of Troubles [WSJ]


By Deutsche Bank AG (GIF format logo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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