Digital Forensics CEO/Ex-FBI Agent Glad To See Employers Getting More Comfortable With The Idea Of Spying On Employees

Once skittish firms, worried about the whole privacy-invasion angle, are coming around.
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It helps that the software is being pitched as a means to create a more loving, "caring workplace," which is an...interesting way of looking at it.

The software establishes a base line and then scans for variations that may signal that an employee presents a growing risk to the company. Red flags could include a spike in references to financial stresses such as “late rent” and “medical bills.” Edward Stroz, the firm’s founder and a former FBI agent, says that while companies may have found this idea too intrusive in the past, he’s seen a change in perception in the past year. He’s still careful when discussing the software, describing it as a way to help employers build a “caring workplace.” He offers the scenario of a star trader at a bank who’s disappointed with the size of her annual bonus. Instead of being blindsided when she defects to a rival, a bank using Scout could identify her discontent early and make sure she doesn’t take sensitive data or other team members with her.

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