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Dismissed RBS Chairman Gets No Points For Keeping Snapchats About Being Bored At The Office Safe For Work

Apparently bitching about board meetings via the app is still considered a fireable offense.
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As many of you presumably know, the main purpose of Snapchat-- a company recently valued at $15 billion-- is dick pics. Or pictures of any kind that you would like to disappear within a very short time frame but, mostly, it's dicks. So when Royal Bank of Scotland Chairman Rory Cullinan started sending a flurry of 'chats during business hours last year, he probably thought his employer would be cool with them, given the fact that they were free of male genitalia. Unfortunately, the bank's bar for acceptable use of social media was slightly higher than that.

The chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland’s investment bank is leaving just weeks after messages he sent to his daughter were revealed, showing he was “bored” at work. Rory Cullinan used photo-sharing app Snapchat to send images featuring captions that read: “Not a fan of board meetings xx”, “Boring meeting xx” and “Another friggin meeting”. The pictures then ended up being posted on Instagram around Father’s Day last year by the investment banker’s daughter, but only revealed in a national newspaper early this month. Mr Cullinan's daughter had uploaded the photos with the message: “Happy Father’s Day to the indisputable king of Snapchat.” Mr Cullinan drew heavy criticism for not taking his role seriously.

Now that Cullihan is looking for a new job, he might want to get in touch with Snapchat brass, and offer his services as a VP of branding. First slogan, "Snapchat: Not Just For Your Junk" is free.

RBS executive to leave after complaining of being 'bored' at work [Telegraph via Matt Levine]

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