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Does Canada Need Another Stock Exchange?

These guys say yes.
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More than just a handy cinematic stand-in for an actual financial center. Sorry, centre.

Some Canadians think so, so they’ve founded its fifth. Or sixth, if you count New York-based NASDAQ Canada.

“The target that I have been playing with, that I have in the back of my mind, is that within four, five years we hit a market share that’s going to be in the range of 20%,” said Jos Schmitt, Chief Executive of Aequitas NEO, in an interview.

“That looks to me like very realistic market share. It’s a market share that has been achieved by new entrants in the past both in Canada and in Europe [and] in other marketplaces,” he added.

Upstart Canadian Exchange Aims for Market Share of 20% in 4 to 5 Years [WSJ]


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