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Elaine Wynn Wants You!

Steve Wynn's has a special job for you.
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To help her continue sticking it to her ex-husband. Oh yea, and for the good of the company or whatever.

Wynn Resorts Ltd. co-founder Elaine Wynn was in New York Monday to woo Wall Street’s support for her bid to retain a seat on the casino operator’s board, which doesn’t want her term renewed….

“These guys don’t know a Manolo Blahnik from a...flip flop,” said Ms. Wynn of her fellow board members in an interview. That is a problem, she said, because women are influential customers at the company’s resorts. Men may be “happy to go to come to Macau or Las Vegas, but the women say, ‘Let’s stay at the Wynn.’”

Ms. Wynn also said she is the only person on the eight-member board willing to challenge its leader, her ex-husband Steve Wynn.

Elaine Wynn Takes Board Campaign on Road [WSJ]


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