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Ending The Fed Probably Not An Election-Winning Issue For Rand Paul

Because, for starters, most Americans don't know who runs the Fed.
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Are you the librarian?

The junior senator from Kentucky and son of the author of End the Fed may think he’ll win hearts and minds by auditing the Fed. That may or may not be true, but very publicly auditing the central bank may help in at least one way: By answering the question, “Who is in charge of the Fed?

The survey showed 70% of those polled don’t know or aren’t sure who Ms. Yellen is….

Of those who have heard of Ms. Yellen, 16% of those surveyed had a neutral view of her, while 6% had a somewhat positive view of her and 4% had a very positive view. Just 4% had a somewhat negative or very negative view.

When it comes to the Federal Reserve as an institution, 42% said they had a neutral view, while 30% had a somewhat or very positive view and 20% had a somewhat or very negative view.

Janet Who? Most Americans Have Never Heard of Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen [WSJ Real Time Economics blog]



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