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German/Greek Couples Make Out Ahead Of Bailout Talks, Hope Merkel/Tsipras Will Take Their Lead

Figuratively if not literally, though literally would work, too.
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If Angela won't open tonight's press conference by laying a big one one Alex, perhaps they can at least start showing each other the love vis-à-vis money talks.

Astros Chatziastros, who had painted the Greek and German flags on his face, passionately kissed his wife Karmen with the clear intent of getting noticed. The couple were part of a crowd of about 250 people carrying signs that read “Germany Loves Greece” who gathered in front of Angela Merkel’s chancellery ahead of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ arrival Monday to try and win Merkel’s financial support for Greece. The leaders are trying to push the reset button on their relations after weeks of acrimony and verbal sparring between the two countries. “This was a kiss for Greek-German friendship,” said Astros, who in 1969 moved from Greece to Germany, where he met his wife. “We’re tired of German-Greek relations deteriorating and we want both leaders to finally make up.”

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Isn't Going To Literally Say "Angela Merkel And Her Cohorts Are Trying To Blackmail Me"

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