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How To Get Into Wharton

It's a four-step process that may not result in actually getting into Wharton but will leave you $595 poorer.
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FNCE 104: Nothing's Free.

Step one: Give Wharton $595. Step two: Take Wharton’s new online Business Foundations course. Step three: Excel.

Complete all three steps, and Wharton will let you apply for free. Or, you could skip those steps and just pay the regular $265 application fee.

The new series, which is set to begin in April, comprises four courses: accounting, finance, marketing and operations management, as well as a capstone project in which students apply newly acquired skills to real-world problems, the school said. The school has initial partnership agreements with Indian e-commerce site and music site Shazam Entertainment Ltd. to field students’ projects.

Wharton’s New Online Courses Include Incentives [WSJ]


Wharton: Strangely silent on the whole matter. By WestCoastivieS (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guy Who Let Trump Into Wharton Would’ve Waved Pretty Much Anyone In

It did not take any super genius to get into Penn in 1966.


Wharton Grads Use Open Letter To Gang Up On Insecure Fordham Transfer Donald Trump

Why can't Wharton just show love to self-professed Wharton legend Donald J. Trump?

Business School Applicants Having None Of This "Show Us You Can Speak Without Paying A Consultant $500 To Show You How" Crap

After years of receiving scripted answers to questions from would-be business school students re: why they want to go to Harvard/Wharton/Stanford/Sloan or what they think of a company's earnings potential or where they see themselves in five to ten years or what they ate for breakfast, admissions officers have lately been taking a new tack in an attempt to see the "real" side of applicants. Hoping to get a little "unrehearsed honesty" and insight into who these people really are, prospective students are being asked to submit "reflections" ("a short, off-the-cut note that must be submitted within 24 hours of an admissions interview") and take part in "team-based discussions," for which they're told to "relax, be genuine," not worry about giving the "right" answer, and just say what they really think, rather than what a coach told them to say they think. Unfortunately, Harvard and Wharton officials apparently have no idea who they're dealing with here. You can't make future b-school students relax and be genuine! You can't! You won't!

Wharton Would Really Like For Wharton Alum President Trump To Shut The F#ck Up About Wharton

Wharton is probably afraid that alums like Raj Rajaratnam and Steve Cohen would be pretty embarrassed to be associated with The Donald.


Eggheads Trying To Rig Trump Economic Plan With Math

Aren't Wharton types just the worst? (wink wink nudge nudge)