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John Stumpf Can Wipe Away Tears: Re Low Bids For Lunch Auction With $20 Million

The Wells Fargo CEO's pay remained unchanged but it was unchanged at a pretty nice number.
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Happy to sit here by himself and play with his toys.

Yesterday, we discussed how little interest there seemed to be in hearing about Wells Fargo’s best-ever year over peas and grilled lettuce and with CEO John Stumpf. You know who else is unimpressed? Wells Fargo, which thinks that piloting it through its best-ever year isn’t worth any more money than overseeing its not-best-ever year. Well, that’s all fine, because $19.3 million is still plenty good enough to allow John to lunch alone, if that’s what he chooses.

Stumpf got $12.5 million in long-term equity incentive awards and a $4 million bonus for 2014 on top of his $2.8 million salary, the lender said Tuesday in a regulatory filing. It had awarded him the same total for each of the preceding two years.

Wells Fargo Leaves CEO Stumpf’s Pay Unchanged at $19.3 Million [Bloomberg]


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