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Journal Gets Head Start On The Complete Works of Warren E. Buffett

With the help of "three dozen Buffettologists."
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When the discerning investor, decades and centuries in the future, cracks his multivolume, leatherbound edition of the sayings and writings of the Oracle of Omaha, a bit of context will no doubt be required. Some of the terminology employed by the great—and possibly still living—man, when he explains business matters in terms of aberrant sexual fetishes, may require a bit of elucidation. But that is a matter for future scholars. Today’s Buffettologists have been hard at work parsing this weekend’s shareholder letter, for better understanding both now and tomorrow. And you don’t even need to pre-order the University of Nebraska Press’ planned edition to begin understanding this bit of Buffettonia.

The Wall Street Journal brought together a collection of three dozen Buffettologists, Berkshire shareholders, value investors and academics to help readers better understand the 25,000 word manuscript, which also includes a terse–but newsworthy–four-and-a-half pages from Berkshire’s vice chairman, Charlie Munger.

Annotating the Oracle: Experts Weigh In on Berkshire’s Annual Letter [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


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