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Lack Of A Bonus Watch '15: People Who Report Their HSBC Bosses For Encouraging Subordinates To Sleep With Clients

Maybe the $0 bonus and being locked out of the office were totally coincidences?
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Remember Michael Picarella? HSBC employee who filed a lawsuit against his boss, Eileen Hedges, after witnessing her direct a female subordinate to:

• Dress provocatively on the job
• “…have sex with male HSBC executives and clients at company-sponsored events”
• Specifically, “have sex with an unnamed senior executive at the bank’s Mexico unit”

In addition to:

• “…falsely t[elling] co-workers that Doe was having sex with clients when they traveled to bank functions outside the U.S.”
• “… attempt[ing] to pull down Doe’s blouse and expose her breasts in the presence of male HSBC employees.”

He's just updated his complaint:

Attached to Thursday’s court filing was a copy of the proposed amended complaint. It claims that when Picarella met with his current supervisor for a midyear review on Nov. 20, 2014, the supervisor “engaged in threatening behavior” that left Picarella “concerned for his personal safety.” According to the amended suit, HSBC then locked Picarella out of its offices on Dec. 1 by disabling his security pass. On Jan. 15, the bank placed Picarella on administrative leave after accusing him, without evidence, of conveying “confidential HSBC information to third parties,” the complaint says. HSBC handed out bonuses on March 20, but Picarella says he didn’t get one.

HSBC Sex Harassment Accuser Complains Of Denied Bonus [Law360]

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