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Next Time You're Visiting Bubbe, Tool Around West Palm Beach And Score SkyBridge Capital Some New Clients

Or if work is preventing you from making a visit, tell Grandma and her friends to hop on.
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The firm, founded by part-time restaurateur Anthony Scaramucci, has sponsored a bike-sharing program in the South Florida enclave, in exchange for a li'l now legal advertising.

Thanks to funding from SkyBridge, the city of West Palm Beach now has a bike-sharing service that bears the name SkyBikeWPB. Later this spring, residents will see SkyBridge’s name and branding on 150 bikes and 14 kiosks around the city. The branding effort comes more than a year after the SEC lifted its ban on advertising by hedge funds, and this is one of SkyBridge’s first forays into advertising...SkyBridge targeted West Palm Beach because it opened a new office in nearby Palm Beach Gardens earlier this month. “It’s not a Times Square billboard, which is very self-serving,” said Mr. Scaramucci, who wouldn’t reveal what SkyBridge spent on the program. But he said the SkyBridge name is still “emblazoned all over this place.” He’s considering public bike-sharing programs and possibly sponsoring wi-fi networks in other cities.

Hedge Fund SkyBridge Is Peddling Itself in West Palm Beach [MoneyBeat]



The WSJ Wants To Remind You Anthony Scaramucci Is The Trump Advisor Who Was Fired By Goldman Sachs

The Journal's report on the Mooch's new job is a weird masterclass on trolling from a very unlikely source.

By Jdarsie11 [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

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But the Mooch hopes that, like his divorce, this split's not permanent.


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There was at least one thing you allegedly couldn’t do during the madness.

Palm Beach County is the Next Great Hedge Fund Center

It's true, according to a county official, two hedge fund service providers based there and the New York Post.


Unemployed Area Man Is Certain That President Trump Is Creating Jobs, Optimistic That Data Will Agree

And Anthony Scaramucci is hopin' and a prayin' that - some day soon - one of those jobs will be his.


Trump Administration Proves Its Goldman Sachs Bona Fides By Parting Ways With Anthony Scaramucci

The Mooch has now been fired by The White House as many times as he's been fired by Goldman Sachs. Coincidence?

On Second Thought, Some Republican Money Managers Don't Really Like Partying on Tuesdays

According to a report by Reuters, some Romney supporters in the financial community will be having a more enjoyable evening tonight than others. In one corner you have those who will be partying (Julian Robertson, Paul Singer, Anthony Scaramucci and other top Romney donors have been invited to attend a soirée at the Westin Boston; John Paulson is throwing a small get-together at his Upper East Side townhouse; and "less prominent Wall Street fundraisers will be gathering at Brinkley's Station, a bar and restaurant" on East 60th Street that serves "a $23.75 lobster club sandwich and $12 Bloody Marys"). In the other you have those who will be spending the night punishing themselves and telling anyone who calls, "I don't deserve to have fun." Like Jason Ader, who told Reuters that although he was originally going to party his face off in Vegas, circa 7PM tonight you'll find him pulling the lever at his polling station and telling his kids, through tears, "This is what it's like to vote for a looooser." Money manager Jason Ader, who gained prominence as a Wall Street gaming analyst and is backing Romney, had been planning to travel to Las Vegas for an election night "watch party" at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. But in the aftermath of Sandy, Ader says he has decided to stay home. The manager of Ader Investment Management, which provides funding to small hedge funds, "will vote and watch at home with my young kids and educate them about the process and the returns," he said. And David Hinman who's going to kick things off by swallowing the key to the fridge that houses his $21,000 bottle of 1928 Krug and then drawing the blinds shortly after nightfall and sleeping on the floor in a hair shirt. David Hinman, chief investment officer of SW Asset Management, a Newport Beach, California-based investment firm, said in an email: "100 percent Obama wins; no reason to party." Romney's hedge-fund backers plan to party on election night [Reuters]