Not Everyone Relishing Juvenile War Of Words Between Elliott, Investment Firm

Sounds like a job for...

Cut it out!

If Paul Singer and Alliance Trust aren’t careful, schoolyard enforcer Carl Icahn may have to step in and knock their heads together.

The two firms released four statements between them on Friday alone – accusing each other of making statements that were “factually incorrect”, “misleading” or “out of context”.

Friday afternoon ended with Elliott Advisors publishing 13 pages of private correspondence that it said Alliance Trust had previously published selectively, and therefore taken out of context….

Simon Elliott, head of research at Winterflood Investment Trusts, said the stand-off had become almost “childish”.

He added: “The statements that have come out [last week], it is a little bit like children squabbling in a playground… This battle is only going to get bitterer over the next month as we approach the annual general meeting.”

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