Paul Tudor Jones's Neighbors Did Not Move To Belle Haven For This!

This = non-millionaire, billionaire protesters coming within two hundred feet of their homes.

This is what you move to Belle Haven to keep your kids from ever seeing.

Pity the poor (figure of speech) people of Belle Haven, Greenwich. Once forced to endure the rabble twice a year, until they convinced the Tudor Investment Corp. founder that rubbing shoulders with the plebs during Christmas was quite enough, this weekend they found themselves locking their doors and posting snipers on their roofs as throngs of unwashed masses stormed the gates of the gated enclave to express their displeasure with old PTJ.

“We’re here to call out the hedge fund billionaires who have taken over New York state politics, and they’ve exploded inequality around the country,” said Michael Kink, of Strong Economy for All Coalition, who was organizing the crowd as they prepared to march down Field Point Rd to Paul Tudor Jones home on Field Point Circle….

Asked why the protesters were targeting Paul Tudor Jones on Saturday, Kink said, “Paul Tudor Jones specifically led the donors, the super PACs, the PACS that have piled $40 million in campaign cash into New York politics. Our governor, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, got $4.2 million himself and and another $2.6 to committees he controls.”

Protestors March on Home of Greenwich Hedge Fund Mogul [Greenwich Free Press]