Sleep Where Brett Icahn, Mickey Rourke, And Kim Basinger Hath Slept

At $20k/month Icahn Jr. is offering you the deal of a lifetime.
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Look familiar?

The son has schooled the father in the ways of Apple and Netflix. But he appears to have vastly overrated how much his bachelor pad’s history as the set for 1986’s 50 Shades of Grey (AKA 9 1/2 Weeks) would add to its value.

The 35-year-old son of...Carl Icahn put the property on the market for sale in November, with an initial asking price of $4.3 million, which has now been slashed to $3.7 million, but now the young business magnate has decided he might prefer to rent it, instead.

So, if you’re a Wall Street arbitrageur whose already tried out everything in “50 Shades” and are want to give Mickey Rooney’s moves a try—and you’ve got $20,000 a month—Brett Icahn has a deal for you.

Brett Icahn, son of billionaire casino mogul Carl Icahn, wants $20K a month for his moviestar Midtown penthouse [N.Y. Daily News]
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Sleep Where Erin Callan Hath Slept

If Joe Gregory's Lloyd Harbor manse isn't your style, or the $22 million asking price seems excessive for a place with only 8.5 baths, take a moment to consider the former Lehman Brothers CFO's East Hamptons pad. Callan is asking $3.95 million for the place, where she holed up following the financial crisis and where love blossomed with firefighter Anthony Montella, who she married last January. For you're money you'll get 7 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 5,000 square feet, 2 acres, a heated gunite pool, a barn, garden vineyards, "majestic trees," and a little piece of history. Make her an offer Former Lehman CFO Lists East Hampton Home...Again [Curbed via Dealbook]

Sleep Where Dan Loeb Hath Slept

The Third Point founder is reportedly looking for a buyer for his 10,674-square-foot penthouse at 15 Central Park West. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, people hear that Loeb "wants $100 million," which would represent a 122.22% return (DL and his wife bought the place for $45 million in 2008). While perhaps a tad pricey, consider that back in November, Sandy Weill was able to get $88 million for his 15CPW apartment, a relative dump at 6,744-square-feet.* As for the Loebs, they are apparently "in search of something larger," if you've got any leads. It seems pretty obvious that a fellow hedge fund manager with a 20,000 square foot UES mansion** and a liquidity problem might want to get in touch but we'll let him come to that in his own time. Apartment Hunting For The Superrich [NYT] *Weill told prospective buyers that he'd be donating the money to charity but maybe they would've done this for him anyway. **Selling points: Indoor pool, bar and lounge with a closet.