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Steve Cohen Confident This Is His Year To Win Office NCAA Tournament Pool

It'll take a little luck o' the Irish and chalk everywhere else.
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As we speak, a Point72 lieutenant is walking the floor at Cummings Point Road, collecting bets from the big guy's traders and assistants, docking vacation days from anyone who doesn't have their $25 handy and thanking them for contributing to Steve's hot dog fund. Because the pool--which will be prominently displayed in a large formaldehyde-filled tank--is obviously already in the bag, thanks to many painstaking hours spent crafting the perfect bracket.

Steve Cohen, the billionaire head of Point72 Asset Management, thinks No. 3 seed Notre Dame will upset No. 1 Kentucky to emerge as the Midwest region winner, he told via a spokesman. Cohen—who oversees about $10 billion at his Connecticut-based family office—likes more conventional teams to round out the Final Four: No. 1 Wisconsin in the West, No. 1 Villanova in the East and No. 1 Duke in the South. His alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, didn't make the tournament.

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