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Stop Insulting John Stumpf!

Lunch with him is going for a mere $17,000. Offensive.
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Hop in.

Look, no one expects you to drop the same amount of dough to hang out with the Wells Fargo CEO as you would to share a steak with the Oracle of Omaha. But this man just piloted the admittedly extremely boring bank to its best-ever year, and lunch includes a trip around the Wells Fargo Museum in the stagecoach of your choice, with Stumpf himself in the harness. Yet you’re not even willing to pay as much as for lunch with a guy who was one failed stress test away from an unemployment filing? This will not stand.

Lunch with Wells Fargo Chief John Stumpf is currently on special — only $17,000.

That’s the current high bid on the website Charitybuzz, which is auctioning off a chance to meet the Wells Fargo Chairman and Chief Executive. That bid is a steep discount from the price paid last year for lunch with Mr. Stumpf, as well as what rival CEO Michael Corbat of Citigroup fetched at a similar auction last year.

Lunch with Wells Fargo CEO Currently on Special — Only $17,000 [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


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