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Who Wants To Work At A Hedge Fund?

If it's you, and you know anything about risk, today's your lucky day.
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Be honest: It’s you. You crave the cachet and the potentially massive bonuses denied you as a junior whatever in some boring goddamned bank cubicle. You’re even willing to debase yourself and be subject to torrents of spittle and thunderous insults from the guy whose name used to be on the door. Well, we’ve got good news for you.

After a poor 2014 a lot of hedge funds are venturing out into the job market again.

The situation is far better in the US than in the streets of Mayfair in London, with hedge funds state-side reportedly speeding up hiring processes to make sure they don’t miss out on talent. But it’s picked up everywhere. “We’ve had a very busy 2015 so far, and the market is generally feeling pretty buoyant,” says Barry Seath, managing director of London-based hedge fund headhunters Mirage Recruitment.

Want to be a part of those expedited hiring processes? Better hit the books and learn some quantitative analysis or other data science. Or be a 25-year-old whose covered a relevant space. Or a p.r. person who’s got a few friends at a pension fund. Or, best of all, an adrenaline-junkie compliance specialist.

It’s become hackneyed to point to the upswing in compliance jobs in any part of the financial sector, but the push for middle office staff in the hedge fund “far outstrips” vacancies for any other part of the business, according to Seath….

“You have two issues – a lack of dynamism in the candidate pool, which means people are risk averse about moving and also any compliance moves raise red flags with investors so hedge funds look after their existing staff very well,” says another headhunter who declined to be named.

The only people hedge funds want to hire right now [efinancialcareers]


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