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Will Someone Please Finally Take This Damned Penthouse Off Steve Cohen’s Hands?

Woody Johnson's nearly 9-figure apartment gets scooped up in no time and Cohen's remains on the market for over a year now? WILL THE INDIGNITIES NEVER END?
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"Come to me."

Another Manhattan real-estate record has fallen, and yet Steve Cohen’s Bloomberg building penthouse remains available. Instead of ponying up $82 million for the Big Guy’s clearly superior apartment, billionaire Leonard Blatvatnik decided to save $4.5 million and go with Fifth Avenue, even with the hassle of a co-op interview and trying to get rid of that lingering Jets failure stink. And, unlike Cohen, Woody Johnson didn’t even have to submit to the indignity of listing the place.

Billionaire investor Leonard Blavatnik bought an apartment on New York’s Fifth Avenue for $77.5 million, a record price for a Manhattan co-op….

There was no public listing for the apartment purchased by Blavatnik. Miller said original floor plans for the building show 1112A as a 6,700-square-foot home with 13 rooms, including four bedrooms and 6.5 baths.

Billionaire Blavatnik Pays $77.5 Million for NYC Co-Op [Bloomberg]


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