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$10 Billion Business Abandons Annoying Tax-Exempt Status

Roger Goodell has had it up to here with these mischaracterizations of the NFL's business practices.
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The NFL is formally embracing capitalism by renouncing its non-profit status, the only result of which appears to be that we’ll never be certain how much money Roger Goodell makes anymore.

“The effects of the tax-exempt status of the league office have been mischaracterized repeatedly in recent years,” Mr. Goodell said in the letter. “The fact is that the business of the NFL has never been tax-exempt….”

By forgoing its tax-exempt status, the NFL will no longer be required to disclose the salaries of its commissioner and other top executives. Mr. Goodell received $35 million in salary and bonuses in 2013.

NFL to End Tax-Exempt Status [WSJ]



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